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Healthy Minds


healthy minds


Being a kid can actually be quite overwhelming at times. Their body’s chemistry is constantly changing, they are put into new situations every day, and are in constant learning of the world around them; all the while expected to fit into social norms.


Having a healthy mind can be harder to maintain than a healthy body as it takes a real conscious effort on both the child’s and parent’s part to checkin and take time to pause and reflect.


If you sense that your child’s wellbeing is depleting due to stress, interactions with other kids at school, low self esteem and other personal issues, as a parent you need to make it a priority to teach your kids how to manage their emotions early.


High emotional intelligence has been proven to result in more success in the work place than actual skill level. Therefore, it is better to teach kids now so that they can develop their coping and communications skills over their lifetime.


Some tools that you can use to help your child have a healthy mind include:


Here are more tips on how to have a healthy mind and get rid of stress.