Over a decade ago, we started a small, family-owned organic food business called Whole Kids because we were fed up with unhealthy kids’ food and drinks sold in supermarkets and almost anywhere you went with kids (who knows a play centre or sports centre that sells chips, pies, ice cream and not much else that’s really healthy?).


Even today, we’re still fed up that so much junk food is readily available in our community, and that junk food is widely advertised and marketed to kids on TV, through social media, at sports grounds, community events, and outdoor advertising.


With the growing awareness of serious health problems including childhood obesity and diabetes, we hoped the government would listen to our leading public health organisations, medical experts and community groups, and create policies for meaningful change.


Unfortunately, very little action has happened. It appears the government listens more to the food industry than public health experts.


But we’re not giving up!


We believe urgent change needs to happen, so we created UnjunkIt to give a voice to the health and wellbeing issues facing children in Australia with the aim of creating real, positive change.


As parents to young Chloe (6 years old) and Sam (2 years old), we want them to grow up healthy and happy. Each day presents its own challenges in trying to achieve this. There never seems to be enough time in the day, and they grow up so quickly that you blink and miss out on so much fun, learning and development.


Being the best role models we can for our kids is a huge challenge, but also one that’s absolutely worth it. Knowing as parents that we have an important role in providing them with the right tools and knowledge they need to create a healthy, happy future for themselves, whilst allowing them to be their own person is one of the most rewarding things in life.


Monica and James Meldrum


Whole Kids




So join with us and let’s UnjunkIt. Together, we can create a happier, healthier childhood for kids.