It’s Time to UnjunkIt

We believe kids should have a childhood where they’re free to explore, free to create, free to discover and learn, and free to be, well, kids. A happy and healthy childhood depends on a balance of wholesome food, regular physical activity and sound mental health.

What’s stopping kids from enjoying this well-balanced childhood?


It’s not only junk food we’re talking about. Kids need real, healthy food as much as they need real play, rather than sedentary, screen-based entertainment.

They also need real life experiences where they can be themselves and follow their passions, free from bullying, social pressure, junk food marketing, empty consumerism, and hyper-competition.

Let’s recapture the magic of childhood as a special time in life that’s full of creativity, imagination, laughter and play.

One of the most urgent issues we face is the widespread, and largely uncontrolled, marketing of junk food and drink to children. We are facing an obesity epidemic. Around one in four Aussie kids are obese or overweight.

The majority of parents in Australia want the government to take action on the issue of junk food marketing to children. In the ACT alone, a Heart Foundation survey found that almost 80 per cent of parents agree that food companies must stop advertising unhealthy foods to children.

But it appears the government would rather listen to the junk food lobby that the real needs of mums and dads.


It’s time for a change. It’s time to UnjunkIt!

How you can help create positive change


You have the power to make meaningful change happen so kids can enjoy a healthier, happier future.


Join our Unjunkit Campaign and together we can be a strong voice to call on the Australian Government to stop junk food advertising on TV before 9pm.


Sign up now and join the movement to UnjunkIt.

Are you with us?

With your help, we can UnjunkIt!

healthy food


Real food that’s real good


Get outside and explore


Healthy mind = healthy body


Toss out junk food full of artificial additives, sugar, fat, and salt. Choose real food that’s real good. Learn about what really is in kids’ food, how it affects them, and tips on healthy recipes and school lunchbox ideas.


Replace screen time with green time. Kids need regular physical exercise and outdoor play, as well as time to simply to explore and reconnect with nature. Find out how to get more Vitamin N in your family life.


Kids seem busier than ever. Sometimes we need to remind them (and ourselves) to slow down, relax and to be themselves. Check out great ways to take care of your child’s wellbeing, and how to tackle bullying, peer pressure and healthy body image.